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Hinds School Information

"To Be the Best We Can Be"

Ki te waiho i te pai e taea e koe

Maging pinaka mahusay sa abot ng aming makakaya

Hinds Vision is to:
Be a school of excellence in teaching and learning, values and beliefs which ensure the highest achievement of every student.
Develop the personal attributes of each child to become a learner for life, with the skills, attributes and abilities to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world.

Hinds School Strategic Goals

Student Achievement and Progress For Every Child
Quality teaching & learning
Enhance student achievement
Holistic development
Recognising and meeting the needs of all priority learners
Quality assessment 

Enhanced Quality Learning
Local curriculum 
Modern learning practices
Professional learning community
Strong policy and practices 

Strengthened Inclusive Practises
Strong community partnerships
Inclusive practise

PRIDE Values

We value our school partnerships

We show respect, are caring and  co-operative

We display integrity, we are honest, reliable and responsible

We continue with determination, and strive to succeed

We display excellence in all that we do 
Please click here to view the Hinds School Information Booklet.